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    Salman Al-Dabbous Building, 1st floor, opposite to Ajial Mall, Fahaheel, Kuwait.

  • Engineering And Constructions
  • Trading Services
  • Modular Buildings And Temporary Facilities
  • Manpower Supply
  • Support And Logistics
  • Agency And Sponsorship
  • Franchises Or Distributorship
  • Corporate And Promotional Gifts
  • Food And Consumable Products

Engineering And Constructions

We provides an extensive list of reliable services tailored to customer requirements:

Piping Fabrication & Installation

    • New Construction
    • Changes / Modifications
    • Testing
    • Demolition/Reconstruction
    • Stainless or Carbon Steel
    • Underground or Above Grade
    • Interior / Exterior

Structural Steel Fabrication & Erection

    • New Construction
    • Foundation Work
    • Excavation
    • Piers
    • Rebar
    • Slab to Grade
    • Wall Forming & Pouring
    • Additions / Demolition / Reconstruction / Repairs

Cable Laying & Ancillary Services

    • Project Management & Planning
    • Determine cable routing
    • Cable trench excavation
    • Ducting & Manhole construction
    • Cable Laying works
    • Cable Trays
    • Poles & Cabinets
    • Reinstatement

Sandblasting & Painting

    We specializes in sand, soda and hydro blasting as well as industrial and specialty coatings. Our work is primarily in power plants, heavy industrial and Oil & Gas Sectors. We offer customer satisfaction through integrity and service with competitive pricing and quality workmanship. We take extra care of our products to insure the first impression gives our customers that wow sensation.

Trading Services

A Trading Team with a proven experience and extensive knowledge of local, regional and international markets with a capability to source and supply on time, products and services to the required specifications at competitive prices.

    • Construction Projects
    •  Consumer Products
    •  Automotive
    •  Oil & Gas Projects
    •  Life Support
    •  Fuel systems
    •  Environmental Products & Services
    •  Cleaning consumables
    •  Office stationary and consumables
    •  Safety & Security

Modular Buildings And Temporary Facilities

We are pioneer in fabrication, installation and commissioning of a wide range of Modular buildings such as Living accommodation, dining facilities, Office building, ablution units, MWR or Recreation facilities etc.

Our Turnkey solution includes:

    • Site preparation and infrastructure works
    • Design and fabrication of modular building
    • Installation and commissioning of the building
    • Supply of ACs, furniture, appliances etc
    • Internet and Satellite communication systems
    • Fire alarm system
    • Solar light systems
    • Waste management and disposal

Manpower Supply

We are a proven leader in the supply of Specialists from a multitude of disciplines including technical and commercial professionals at all levels. We provide skilled & unskilled manpower to Clients on a short or long term basis extending flexibility to our clients based on project requirements. Rasu manages life support services, payroll administration, and Health insurance and varied several of support services resulting in turnkey solutions.

Due to globalization, companies have been expanding their business all across the globe and Kuwait is no exception. Also shortage of skilled manpower in countries of operations and government regulations sometimes causes hindrances for companies to mobilize at a short time and be economical. Companies have to resort to outsourcing their manpower requirement to specialized contractors, like Rasu to source, recruit and manage their manpower requirements.

Our strength lies in the following:

    We own manpower of 100 plus and a data base of over 1000 plus local as well as overseas manpower. Record of each individual is updated on continuous basis and all important information about their work experience, current location, professional achievements etc., are updated. Candidates sourced from other associates, are also maintained and proper due diligence conducted.

Our service includes the following

    • Sourcing 
    • Interview and Short listing by qualified Rasu staff 
    • Interview and Selection by Client 
    • Sponsorship and Life support services 

Support And Logistics

Quality services and equipment for discerning clients, at competitive prices with a proven track record in difficult environments. We have a fleet of vehicles which can cater to short and long term needs, of any client intending to do business in Kuwait. Our Logistics team is highly experienced and continuously trained on safe driving procedures.

    • Pre-fabricated temporary housing, Camp site construction and related accessories.
    • Fully furnished Housing on short & long term contracts.
    • Meet & Greet services from Airport and various locations
    • Catering on Site and Accommodation
    • Power Generation and distribution
    • Air-conditioning
    • Communication Systems
    • Laundry
    • Facilities Management
    • Waste management and disposal services
    • Security
    • Moral, Welfare & Recreation (MWR) services

Agency And Sponsorship

Any company or entity, interested to do business in Kuwait needs a local sponsor to legally operate their business and also be in compliance with the locals rules & regulations of Kuwait. This can be achieved by appointing a local company as their Agent in the country or by entering into a sponsorship agreement with a local entity. Rasu is well versed with the requirements of the region and is capable of providing Sponsorship services as well as Agency Services to its foreign clients to support the foreign clients efforts in Kuwait.

Rasu will devise solutions that best suit the purpose and interests of the foreign entity. We have long term regional strategic alliances for processing all sponsorship related requirements in Kuwait.

Over the past 2-3 years there has been several changes in Immigration Laws and Rasu's team of dedicated professionals have worked diligently to revise the company policies and procedures to meet the new stringent requirements of the Kuwait Government. Our Sponsorship team is well versed with the changes, updates etc., from the Ministry and the Client is updated on a regular basis. We are proud to announce that our Sponsorship & Agency Services is a turnkey solution and is inclusive of all costs involved in the process.

Our services include::

    • New Company Registration & Licensing
    • Formation & registration of Agencies and Joint Ventures
    • Compliance with all relevant Ministries of Kuwait
    • Opening of Government Project Files and managing its operations.
    • Obtain Commercial Visa 14 and Work Visa 18
    • Transfer Work Visa 18 from existing sponsor
    • Wages Protection System Compliance
    • Vehicle Registration and Driving Licenses

Franchises Or Distributorship

We do undertake business in form of franchisee and Distributorship of several food and consumable products; we have effectively standardized our strategies for marketing the products, Equipped with multiple competitive advantages and best business practices. We receive products, instruction, marketing materials and other support from concerned umbrella companies.

Rasu developed much effective business operations, quite often with nationally recognized brands, integrated area or national marketing programs, intensive training to operate the business, and a corporate structure for support with everything from low-cost supplier agreements to test products to insurance.

Corporate And Promotional Gifts

Personalized corporate gifts are the perfect way of saying thank you to a client and assure that your company name stays in your customers mind for many years.

Rasu is an experienced provider of corporate gifts and promotional products offering:

  • A distinctive touch
  • A wide array of distinctive, stylish, trendy and elegant gifts and promotional items
  • Personalizing with your logo or message

  • Personalized gifts and promotional items
  • Wide range of pricing programs
  • Gifts for large and small companies
  • Wide range of exciting and unique products
  • High end quality items


Food And Consumable Products

"Vivas Naturals Pvt Ltd" is a subsidiary of Rasu, a food service company with operations including manufacturing, distribution and retail, covering the Middle-east region.

Most of our goods are sourced directly from different parts of India, with complete tractability developed through strategic collaboration with our significant suppliers. Aside from carrying and distributing Mango pulp and Masalas from our own brand Vivas. We source, market, and supply the highest quality products in line with the relevant local authorities and standards. This qualify us a trusted vendor to the significant hotels, restaurants, and catering businesses in the scenario.